Inside Fire Service Plus, Awards Major Sponsor

Inside Fire Service Plus, Awards Major Sponsor

Welcome to our ‘Inside’ series, where we get to know what life is like inside each of our sponsor organisations.

This year, the Awards is focused on getting you as much inside information about our business community as possible. We’re giving you Awards Insider, our podcast series for business owners who want the best insights and tips on creating standout entry.

And we’re turning some of the Awards spotlight onto our local employees, with our introduction of the Employee of the Year Award.

So it is fitting that when we look to our sponsors, we take a look at what it is like to be an employee of our incredibly supportive sponsor businesses.

To kick things off, we’re starting with Fire Service Plus. Fire Service Plus was one of our first sponsors to sign up, and as a major sponsor, we’re exceptionally grateful for their support.

Fire Service Plus’s services include fire alarm & emergency warning and intercommunication systems (EWIS), portable fire equipment – extinguishers, hose reels, etc, essential services assessments/council certification and fire and safety training, and much more.

Let’s take a look inside Fire Service Plus, with Glen Moser, Senior Service Technician.

What do you love about working for Fire Service Plus?
I love the challenges this industry presents, and I love being on the road – the scenery is forever changing. I also really enjoy the ability to plan a strategy, that in case of an emergency that may save somebody’s life. Plus – I love the professional organisation of FSP.

Describe Fire Service Plus in three words
Commitment to excellence

What is life like at Fire Service Plus?
Life at fire service plus is a good one, as long as you take the time to enjoy it. It’s like cooking; if you love what you do you will be good at it. I spend the majority of the day driving from job to job and you never know what challenges arise as you move between jobs. So for me it’s extremely exciting.

How do you think Fire Service Plus differs from its competitors?
The FSP organisation prides itself on honesty, integrity and presentation. The prices are also extremely competitive and it is not commission based. We are paid well to make people safe and try our best.

Our Awards theme this year is cultivate, which is all about fostering growth. How does Fire Service Plus foster the growth of its employees?
FSP monitors growth within its employees. Steve notices when an employee is trying to do the best they can through understanding the industry. The possibilities for growth are available depending on the individual and their commitment to the organisation.

What value do you think the Awards bring to the region?
It is a such a great opportunity to see which businesses are thriving and why.

One of Fire Service Plus’s core values is to demonstrate social responsibility, which is something we ask of our Awards entrants. Why is it important for businesses to contribute to the betterment of society and their local community?
8 times out of 10 business owners focus on their wallet and organisation growth. If more organisations focus on the demographics in their own community and cater for them, this results in trust, equalling prosperous honourable business.

Fire Service Plus is sponsoring the Young Entrepreneur award, who is a young entrepreneur you look up to and why?
Bandcamp is an application for android and ios designed by Shawn Grunberger, Ethan Diamond, Joe Holt and Neal tucker. This application provides an online music store that provides a platform for artist promotion and caters mainly for independent music artists.

Have you been to an Awards Gala before? What are you most looking forward to on the night?
I have never been before so I’m looking forward to something I have never done.

Tell us, what’s Steve like as a boss??
Steve is funny. He has a sense of humour. Steve also shows his vulnerability and is modest. If he makes a mistake, he will admit it. Steve expects from me what I expect from any other human being. Trust, reliability and the ability to be modest. He is a good man who I have known for five years and in that time our relationship has been filled with laughter, stress and work. I know if I ever need him he is there for me, and for my family. Steve is no different regardless of his success to the mates I spend time with on the weekend. Honestly, he is brilliant to work for.

Thanks Glen, it’s great to discover such a sincere relationship between yourself and Steve.

And a huge thank you to Fire Service Plus for being a major sponsor of the Awards this year.

Article Credit: by Miranda Packer

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