Fire and Warden Training

Fire Service Plus offers standalone fire extinguisher training to enable confident and safe operation of fire extinguishers in a workplace fire. This includes the selection of the correct extinguisher for the type of fire, what are the different types of fire, correct & safe techniques for the use & operation of the different types of fire extinguisher and practical exercises in the use of extinguishers.


Fire Service Plus will prepare the occupants of your facility to respond to a workplace fire safely, by giving them the knowledge and understanding of what a fire is, and the know how to extinguish it by the teaching of theory and the practical use of real emergency equipment at your facility.

Within the training sessions we cover the main priorities in a workplace fire emergency situation, how to respond, how to alert others, how to assess the type & size of the fire, what action to take, who to report to as well as technical aspects of fire itself.

The practical aspects of the training include the correct and safe use & operation of onsite fire fighting equipment such as fire blankets, hose reels and fire extinguishers. This is known as First Attack Fire Fighting Training. This is also a component of Fire Warden Training and Warden Training.

In a fire the main priority is always life safety.

Fire Warden Training

At your Premises or ours

Warden are trained to deal with issues in emergencies.

We can assist you in training your wardens and assist with the formation of your ECO.

Some Procedures that you may need in your Building:

First Attack Fire Fighting
Priorities in an emergency
Types of emergencies
Emergency equipment, fire alarm systems, emergency warden systems
Wardens Responsibilities
Chief Warden training and responsibilities
Assembly Area, Emergency Control Points
Identifying an Emergency
Emergency Equipment
Dealing with problems during an emergency


Fire Service Plus can deal with the total process of your plan as required making a compliant Diagram for your business including how many locations are required, and we can even mount them to the locations so you have no worries at all.

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